2. Add via GoogleDocs

The FAIR cookbook content can be expanded by adding a recipe. We present here the easiest way to do so.

Simply create content by using the Google document Recipe template.

The default layout present in this Google Document is aligned with the recipe template available in git and to HackMD defined by the editorial group for the Markdown language.

The reason for this Google Document template is mainly to allow for rapid onboarding of contributors, delegating the nitty-gritty editorial aspects to the tech track. However, to ease this integration, contributors using the Google templates are kindly requested to follow the outline whenever possible.

2.1. Done writing? Notify a Cookbook Editor.

Once you feel your edits are complete and think your recipe is ready for release, you can choose between the following 2 approaches:

  1. Direct handover to an FAIR Cookbook Editor: If you are not comfortable with Markdown and git, this is the easiest route and this is what we recommend. Simply drop an email to fairplus-cookbook@elixirhub.org stating the recipe GitHub issue identifier.

  2. Convert to Markdown before handing over: If you wish to go a bit further and help the editors, you can convert the Google document to markdown using an add-on to the Google editor.

    • install the extension, to do so , go to Menu Add-ons, then Get Add-ons, in the new window’s search box, type docs to Markdown

  • Select the “Docs to Markdown” app from the Market Place

  • Once installed, you can invoke the tools by going to Menu item add-ons, then select Docs to Markdown, then go to Convert as shown below:

  • This will open a box on the right-hand side of the Google Document

  • Hitting the Markdown button will convert the Google doc formatted document into a Markdown and HTML document, which can then be saved to pushed to GitHub if people are comfortable with this. The conversion is not without caveats. The first one is that tables aren’t really converted to Markdown but to HTML. Then any fancy Google doc features may be lost and mis-formatted, leading to downstream issues during the build process of the FAIRplus cookbook.

One can now copy the resulting Markdown output to a file. If the contributor needs guidance on what do the next, the following contents should be of help.

Add via HackMD

Add via Git

One can also get in touch with the FAIR Cookbook editors for assistance.

2.2. References

2.3. Authors