What are the FAIR Principles?


The goal of this section is to go over each of the principles for FAIR data management as described by Wilkinson and coworkers in their Nature Springer Scientific Data manuscript published in 2016

Owing to the success of the principles, now endorsed by funding agencies (IMI, Wellcome Trust to name only two), but also by the G20 and by industry leaders, it is essential to remind the reader about those.

The FAIR Guiding Principles

The FAIR principles and FAIRplus

The principles will be the organizing principle for the FAIRplus Cookbook. While the book itself can be search in various ways and its content exposed through a number of angles, personas and facets, the main Table of Content organizes a number of atomic recipes around of the principles and their associated sub themes.


This section should be seen as a refresher for anyone unclear about the FAIR principles. Now that key background information has been provided, shining a light on a number of ethical issues driving both the development and implementation of the FAIR principles in the context of Life Science data as well as learning about the overall FAIRification process represent a natural progression in the content of the FAIR Cookbook.